Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Bronwyn Govender's discussion VAT Compliance and Reporting
"Hi Bronwyn
Mariska from my office will be able to assist. Contact her at sage@bdksoftwaresolutions.co.za
Nov 1
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Linda Wainman's discussion Custom Invoice design layout
"Hi Linda
Email sage@bdksoftwaresolutions.co.za with your requirements. If you can , please indicate on an current invoice where you require the edit.
Nov 1
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Raymond's discussion Want to find out how does one put in cost of parts not ordered through a supplier
"Hi Raymond
Do you want to keep track of inventory in your system and have a GP% per item line?
Feedback on each point mentioned :
1.if you intend using inventory system then yes.
2.as above mentioned.
3. By defualt, all purchases in Sage goes to the…"
Sep 18
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Zelda's discussion EXTENDED DETAIL ON ITEM DESCRIPTION
"Hi Zelda
You will see a greyed out note icon next to the item type. Click on the icon and start typing your next.
Have a lovely day.
Sep 16
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Muhammad Ally's discussion Customer Receipt Layout for a thermal printer
"Hi Muhammad
You would need to create one on the custom Layout designer with new Borders. i’ve done one for Conti Coffee in Cape Town.
Contact us at sage@bdksoftwaresolutions.co.za for assistance.
Sep 10
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Roxanne Peters's discussion SAGE Management report
"Hi Roxanne
I would advise using the Sage Accounting Intelligence Add On. Exporting those Reports into excel gives you access to the operation data via a excel Plug in. ( excel 2013 or later required )
Relating to the Draft company - Just export the…"
Sep 10
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Jehaan Jacobs Benjamin's discussion Fixed assets at cost price and depreciation valie
"Hi Jehaan
Cost Price of the asset is a Non-Current Asset.
Accumelated Depreciation is also part of the same group for reporting purposes. ( group the cost price and accumelated depreciation accounts as ( Net Value of asset class ) )
Depreciation is…"
Sep 10
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Jan Keyser's discussion Suspense account
"Hi Jan
I personally would allocate the amounts to each debtor, this way you will see who you owe money for ( these debtors would thus show on credit as you owe them money back ).
Allocating the money to a seperate account means you would need to kee…"
Sep 10
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Lighthouse Playschool & CFC's discussion Recurring invoices
"Yes there is, Just tick them all under the list of recurring invoices, and then batch edit the next run date.
Jun 19
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Jun 18
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Lindy La Grange's discussion Emails directly from Sage One
"Hi Lindy
I'll find out if they brought out a new document relating to this, but here is the one I have from my last issue I had.SOA - Unblock SPAM or Junk Mail.pdf
Jun 12
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Adrienne's discussion HEEEEELP!
"Hi Adrienne
The only reason why the customer will be in Credit ( munis ) is if the credit note was more than the initial Invoice / the Customer has Paid more than the Invoice which is not the case here.
I'll assist you remotely :) 
Jun 1
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Desiree Nash's discussion Shipping/Freight Invoices
"Hi Desiree
There is a link at the bottem left on the supplier Invoice for Additional Cost. If you click on the blue link the Freight Cost section will open for your input.
The other option you have is to use the "type" as a Account on a next line wh…"
May 18
Juan Visser @ bdk replied to Cobus Engelbrecht's discussion Whats the point?
"juan@bdkauditors.co.za / 078 889 5783"
May 18