Alan Hurwy replied to Gerhard van der Berg's discussion Duplicate Transactions
I'm new to this system, and have seen this.
My take on this is that these duplicates mean that these transactions are already in the system.
In my case I started off with an Xpress system that was converted to sageOne.  On the original system we…"
Apr 12
Alan Hurwy replied to mauritz wentzel's discussion (HELP) Incorrect VAT calculation
This is a "classical" rounding issue that will often crop up if you group or seperate items.
So, in your example:
1.  You have 9 x 382.02  =  3438.18   The VAT on the total is 481.345 = 481.35 (rounded)
2.  If you take item by item, you get the V…"
Apr 12
Alan Hurwy replied to Ilana's discussion Error: Tax name must be unique
"Look in:
  Company Settings + under there VAT settings"
Apr 12
Alan Hurwy replied to Alan Hurwy's discussion Comment(s) / Non-item lines in a Tax Invoice / Credit Note
"Hi Juan,
Thanks for the feedback.  By Inv template, do you mean a customised layout?
If so, I'll have a look-see when I have some time.
Thanks & Regards,
Mar 26
Alan Hurwy replied to Juan Visser @ bdk 's discussion Recurring Invoices
"Hi Juan,
I've just processed my first recurring invoice "batch" and managed to back-date the invoices (which support told me I couldn't do?)
Not sure if this will help you, ... but what I managed to do was make sure they were all created as "DRAFTs"…"
Mar 20
Alan Hurwy replied to Juan Visser @ bdk 's discussion Recurring Invoices
From what I understand this can't be done, just like you cannot back-date them.
I've just converted a Pastel Xpress system & this is one of the "hassles" I've run into.
To be sure, try calling support (if you can ever get hold of them)?
Rgds,  A…"
Mar 19