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Bank Reversals


The owner of the company paid via EFT a supplier R 2800.00.  Then to the same supplier there was a credit amount of R1000.00.  I cant

figure out if it was a reversal .. when i look at the transaction report it shows that the owner…

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1 Reply · Reply by Juan Visser Mar 7

Bank Reversal


If there is a bank reversal into the business account. Into which account can I place them.

Example:  Supplier; account; customer; transfer.    -   category  -  Expense; sales; income ; fixed assets ; liabilities.   or can


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1 Reply · Reply by Marianka Stretch Feb 27

Debtor is supplier as well

Good day all... I need assistance please if you could suggest what I should do in this case. We have a supplier whom is a debtor as well but instead of making the payment to us the suppier credited our account with the amount due on their…

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2 Replies · Reply by Juan Visser Feb 16