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How do you account for farmers who is registered to receive a diesel rebate (litres X 80%) X R2.83 from SARS on all diesel purchases?

1. Is there a way to capture the litres separately so that it is available from a report?

2. How do…

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Vat increase to 15%

Hi there

Please help me out, my company setting is set as 15% default, but my customer and supplier pages doesn't have 15% as default. I have to choose the rate for every item i select.


I'm have SAGE One can someone give me…

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2 Replies · Reply by Juan Visser Apr 25

Bridge the Gap

I need help. I hope some one can. 
I have taken over books for a company where 2 previous freelancers have recorded on 2 separate systems.
1.FY2017 is on SAGE online but only up till July 2017
2. From Aug 2017 to Feb 18…

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1 Reply · Reply by Juan Visser Apr 25