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VAT Compliance and Reporting

I am trying to change the VAT settings on the sageone solution. I have registered for VAT (compulsory) with an effective date of the 31 October 2018. I have a two month reporting January, March, May, July, September, November.


I have never previously reported for VAT - so I dont have a last submission date. My next reporting date from the correspondence is the 30 November 2018. The invoices that I raised would only carry VAT implications on/after 31 October 2018. I am not sure when I change the setting, if it would calculate vat on everything from the 1 October 2018 or only from the 31 October 2018. The parameter settings is not clear on this. 


Can someone please assist me


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  • Hi Bronwyn

    Mariska from my office will be able to assist. Contact her at



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