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  • Hi Alan

    thank you for your feedback. I’ve managed to create a workaround but it’s not ethical. Thus I wanted to reach out to people that might have similar issues. I’m sure some one out there could create a api from 3rd part app to solve this ussue.

    Some one did get into touch with me regarding this issue, it was a 3rd party developer , but I have still not heard back from him.

    yes, the support is horribal. I’m ussualy the one they call when clients get aggitated at them. You can whatsapp me if you ever run into issues. 078 889 5783

    • Hi Juan,

      I've just processed my first recurring invoice "batch" and managed to back-date the invoices (which support told me I couldn't do?)

      Not sure if this will help you, ... but what I managed to do was make sure they were all created as "DRAFTs".

      I then was able to process the drafts and edit the invoice dates (in my case earlier).

      I would imagine that that depending on volumes this might not be too practical?

      Rgds,  Alan

    • Hi Alan

      Yes the Volume is the issue, imagine you have to edit 700+ invoices each time.

  • Hi,

    From what I understand this can't be done, just like you cannot back-date them.

    I've just converted a Pastel Xpress system & this is one of the "hassles" I've run into.

    To be sure, try calling support (if you can ever get hold of them)?

    Rgds,  Alan

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