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Not sure if this is a programming bug or fraud or what but I've been using sage one from the beginning of this year and this is the second time that lots of customer receipts have been unallocated from July to Sept 4 months on several customers. I have reported this to support who escalated it to the programmers, but no one seems to know how or why this has happened. I am most distraught as I am now doubting the security and integrity of the system program.

It can clearly be seen on view history on each of the invoices history that the these receipts were previously allocated, some twice, but one cannot see when or how they were unallocated.

Please can anyone offer assistance as I am nervous to carry on using the system if there is no resolution to this issue. Am I the only user that has had this problem, if so what is it that I'm doing wrong, where and how and why, so that it does not happen again. #HELP

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