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Journal to vat account

Good day i have been using Pastel Partner previously and have recently changed over to sage. I am trying to capture journals for my client. The various accounts that need to be effected are mostly fine, but for some reason, i am not able to pass any journals to vat account. how would i be able to do this, as on pastel i could capture it without a hassle as i had a vat control account and the contra account was the sales. how can i do this in sage? any suggestions would be really helpful.…

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1 Reply · Reply by Reyaad Moosa yesterday

Customer Zone Link

Is there a way to get a unique link for each customer(s) Customer Zone as it provides in the emails sent to clients, but without it referencing a particular document (eg quote or invoice) ... This would open their profile and they can search through their quotes/invoices/statements etc as required. Kindest regards, Cuan

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1 Reply · Reply by Reyaad Moosa Dec 6

Customer Ref in Email Subject

Hi, Many of our customers receive loads of quotes from us and many are requesting that we please include the Customer Ref in the subject line of the quote/invoice email that is sent to them via SageOne. However this is not provided as variable when creating the email templates. Please can you urgently add it as an option so that we can keep our customers happy? thanks Cuan

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