Sage One Support replied to Gwen Monckton's discussion Loading data and figures onto sage from paperwork
"Hi Gwen
Sage One Accounting has the option to take on balances through the Company | Opening Balances menu option. Please click here for more on this.
Kind regards
Sage One Accounting Support Team"
Jul 14
Sage One Support replied to Wesley Nsomba's discussion Bank Reconciliation in Sage One Accounting
"Hi Wesley
The Bank reconciliation screen is run on a date range basis. Only transactions that fall in the date range selected will be displayed.
In order to view all transactions, you would need to set the date range to include ALL transactions. Thi…"
Jun 27
Sage One Support replied to Terry Georgiev's discussion Vehicle purchase, partly financed
"Hi Terry
Based on the information provided we would recommend doing a Journal Entry as follows:
1.       Purchase Price
Effect: Debit the Account “Fixed Assets – Motor Vehicles”
Reference, Description and Comments can be as per the users requireme…"
Jun 26
Sage One Support replied to Darren Carter's discussion Add Image to Report in Layout Designer
"Hi Darren
We've attached to documents to guid you through the process. Please see links below:
Adding additional image: SOA%20-%20Adding%20Additional%20Images%20or%20Logos%20on%20Reports.pdf
Adding QR code: SOA%20-%20Adding%20QR%20Codes%20on%20the%2…"
Jun 26
Sage One Support replied to Marina K's discussion Invoice template issue
"Hi Marina
Has your invoice been customised in anyway? If you print using the default layouts, Default Plain for example, do you have the same problem? 
The support team would be able to assist in resolving that matter. Please CLICK HERE to log a sup…"
May 22
Sage One Support replied to Christine Anne Parent's discussion Deleting Bank Accounts and starting again
"Hi Christine
You have the option to delete the transactions in your bank account by select the 'Actions' checkbox and 'Delete'. You have the option on both the New Transactions and Reviewed Transactions tabs. Once the transactions have been deleted,…"
May 22
Sage One Support replied to Robert Barnsley's discussion Pastel Partner vs SageOne...
"Hi Robert
As you mentioned, Sage One Accounting is not Pastel Partner and with that you'll find a number of difference in the two accounting applications. Some of these have been addressed in the 'Transition' document. CLICK HERE to view the documen…"
May 9
Sage One Support replied to David v d Merwe's discussion Adding delivery addresses
"Good day Andrew
The application allows for 3 delivery address. The alternative would be to create a customised layout, for each business you deliver to, with the applicable address. This can be customised in the Custom Layout Designer - CLICK HERE f…"
May 8
Sage One Support replied to Raymond Cohen's discussion Request for help with sorting out my SAage one accounting
"Good day Raymond
We have a number of certified Sage One Accounting advisers who would be able to assist with your request. Please CLICK HERE to call up a complete list of advisers and browse for one in your area.
Kind regards
Sage One Accounting Sup…"
May 8
Sage One Support replied to Vandy Louw's discussion Can't see top of page in quick view
"Hi Vandy
Have you managed to resolve this issue? If not, try reducing your 'Zoom' to 100% on the browser settings. 
Kind regards
The Sage One Accounting Support team"
Apr 19
Sage One Support replied to David v d Merwe's discussion One statement to head office, with invoices made to different branches
"Good day David
The Sage One Accounting application does not have a feature to consolidate statements unfortunately. A suggestion would be export the statements to excel and consolidate manually. 
Kind regards
The Sage One Accounting Support Team"
Apr 19
Sage One Support replied to Anni Röttger's discussion Inventory
"Good day Ann,
Your query relates to the Pastel Partner\Xpress application and for that reason, we've request the relevant support team to step in and provide you with feedback via email. 
Please look out for their response.
Kind regards
Sage One Acc…"
Apr 6
Sage One Support replied to YH CHOng's discussion Email Signature for Supplier - Purchase Order
"Hi YH Chong,
There has not been many requests for the email signature on the supplier document side and as a result there is not talk at this point around adding the feature. We will however make a note of your feedback and log this as a suggestion…"
Mar 10
Sage One Support replied to AdieB's discussion Moving over from Express 2009
"Hi Adie,
In Sage One Accounting, you will use Account Reporting Groups to group and view either a summary of accounts or the individual accounts making up a group total on your financial statement reports. Click here for more detail on this feature.…"
Mar 8
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Mar 8