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Bank Reconciliation in Sage One Accounting

Dear All I have noticed that when one does a bank reconciliation for a particular month, the reconciled report changes in the subsequent months. Furthermore, the outstanding items are not shown post reconciliation month unless you include reconciled transactions from the previous periods. Has anyone experienced this scenario? How did you resolve it? Thank you so much and kind regards Wesley

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Partial Invoicing/Multiple Line Item selection

In Pastel Partner, when converting a sales order to an invoice you are able to partially invoice; i.e. leave some of the line items on the sales order because there is no current stock. This is done easily by simply unticking those items you don’t want to invoice. Pastel will then clear the invoiced items from the sales order and leave the un-invoiced items on the same sales order. This doesn’t seem possible with Sage One. The only workaround I can see is to create the invoice in full, delete…

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