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Invoice template issue

Hi When preview or printing my customer invoices it has suddenly started 'adding' in rows.  I have no idea what could have changed as it has been printing fine previously.  See example of the rows below, one invoice with 5 lines now print over 2 or 3 pages... Printing setting and preferences still set as per normal. Can anyone help to reset it... it is on a custom design template but has been working fine for months. Thanks in advance.

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Vehicle purchase, partly financed

Hi Would like to know how do I capture a vehicle that we purchased. It was partly financed and the invoice has VAT. 1. I was told that I had to capture a journal, but when I do that I owe SARS and not the other way around. 2. How do I process the part payment, do I credit the MFC loan account? But then it does not balance. Can anyone out their please assist.

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